If you have an upcoming stage event, you may be thinking about renting black event drapes for your stage. Our black velour drapes can create a sense of space on stage, while also helping to focus the audience’s attention on the presenter.

When it comes to event drape rental, there is no substitute for the durability, versatility, luxurious effects, or cost efficiency of black Velour drapes.

Black Velour Drapes

Our black velour event drapes will instantly transform your stage from merely ‘functional’, to “attention-capturing”, thanks to our stage lighting techniques. We combine our Black velour event drapes with high-power LED Uplighting to ensure that the on-stage presenter is brought fully to the forefront.

Event Drape Setup with Black Velour Drapes, Projector Screens, and Blue Uplights

The primary function of drapes for events is to create separation, and when that separation is created effectively, the effect is that the audience immediately understands where to direct their attention. By choosing black event drapes with LED uplighting, you can effectively create “zones of interest” on any event stage.

Backlighting Against Black Drapes

Our black Velour event drapes are ideally suited both dynamic on-stage presentations, as well as more subdued ones. Event drapes with Uplights can improve the audience’s perception of all kinds of events, from speaker presentations to live musical performances, and many more.

Speaking Event Stage with Black Drape Panels and LED Backlighting

Backlighting is an additional way to help your subject stand out against black event drapes. Backlights are positioned behind the presenter, and they shine a golden-colored light onto the backside of the on-stage speaker. LED backlights help to provide a strong outline to your on-stage presenter, which in-turn helps your audience follow the presentation.

Blue Uplights on Black Drapes

In the pictures above, you can see that we are using blue LED Uplights on our Black velour event drapes. Colored LED uplighs create a consistent overall tone of this event, and the backlight is being used to separate the speaker from the rest of the stage. By combining our black event drapes and our LED lighting, you can create any mood for the people attending your event.

Live Event Back-of-House Control Room with Owner, Brian Spark.

Now you know how our Black Event Drape can be used to “wow” your audience,  and if you’ve got an upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our drape rental company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we specialize in providing pipe and drape rentals for many states.


Black event drapes provide the ultimate in versatility for your event stage because they can change into whatever color you want them to be – and it’s easy, once you have the right tools.

When we create an event stage using our Black Velour Drapes we also position high-power LED lights underneath each drape panel. By shining LEDs onto the front of the drape panel, we can make the drape material turn any color instantly, which eliminates the need to rent multiple colors of drapes for an event.

Colored Event Drapes

In the picture above, you can see how it works. The “purple” drape in the background is actually black drape with a Purple LED shining up on the drapes. There is also a backlight being used to separate the subjects from the background.

Live Event Drapes with Gold LED Uplighting

While the first picture showed how our event drape lighting can communicate a vibrant, saturated color like purple, this next picture shows that even subtle colors like “Gold” can be rendered warmly and accurately with our LED uplights. The two gold panels in the middle are actually Black velour drape, with high-power LED uplights shining onto them. 

Change Drape Colors Instantly

The primary functions of event drapes is to separate the speaker from their background. Choosing colorful uprights for your event drapes can help to focus attention on the presenter. And since the colors of the drapes are controlled by the colored LEDs shining onto them, that means you can make our black event drapes look like any color you want. 

Live Event Black Velour Drape with Green Uplighting

Black event drapes can also be useful if a given room’s environment is too bright, such as when there are many windows present. When too much light is overtaking your stage area, you can use our Black drapes to block that out. The photo below shows a large wind0w-lit room where black event drape is used to control the exterior light levels.

Live Event in a Bright Room with Blackout Drape and Blue LED Uplights

Whichever color you choose for yours, the combination of black velour and a strategic use of uplighting will make your event a memorable one for all who attend.

If you’d like to rent our Black Velour Drape with Colorful Uplighting for your upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our drape rental company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we specialize in providing pipe and drape rentals for many states.

Purple Event Drape-12'-Tall

In the event space, why blend-in when you can stand out? With the strategic use of our colorful event drapes, you can take your live event from “standard” to “superb”!

Based on the numbers alone, most events do not use purple event drapes. Perhaps those events feel that the color Purple is too dynamic for their audience, or that purple is simply too far from the standard black event drape. Our belief is that choosing Purple Event Drape effectively puts you in your own league altogether.

Purple Event Drapes

Purple in seems to have a unique effect on event attendees, and that makes sense because purple is said to inspire creative thoughts. As you can see in the photo above, a full setup of purple event drapes effectively transforms the stage into an obvious focal point of interest.

Part of the effectiveness of Purple drape is that helps the projection screens to stand out. Since the main purpose of drapes for events is to separate spaces, creating separate zones on stage is important for your audience’s attention 


White Chiffon Drape Panels for Live Events

White Event Drapes

Add White Chiffon drape panels when you want a dramatic, stunning appearance for your event. Adding White Drapes can brighten up any space, while also bringing attention to your area or booth. Very few event drape rental companies offer White Chiffon drape, which means that White Drapes are perceived to be special and unique by attendees.

If you plan to feature a dedicated photo-taking area, choose White Chiffon Drape in order to reflect the most light into the environment. The overall brightness of a white drape wall helps to soften facial features in photos, and these flattering photos will help your attendees to always remember your event.

Standard Black Velour Event Drape Example

Every live event has its own reason for existing, and you are in control of how the event is presented to attendees. With these two colorful event drape options, you can effectively create any feeling you want. If you’d like to rent our colorful Purple Drapes or White Chiffon Drapes for your upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. We are an event pipe and drape service provider based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we can provide pipe and drape rentals for events in many states.


Velour is the most-used fabric for on-stage performers and live presenters. Black drape is frequently used to help boost the impact of their presentations, lectures, conventions, or entertainment. Black Velour event drapes feature a luxury look, they can be used in numerous ways, and they can be combined with LED uprights for additional lighting effects.

Live events require a professional setup in order to capture the attention of those in attendance. An event can be perceived as “unprofessional” if there are a lot of bare walls and empty space, and black drapes can alleviate that issue.

Black Drapes with Uplights

Black event drapes have a luxurious look, but they also have the technical flexibility to adapt to your event’s specific needs. An additional benefit to choosing velour drapes for your event is that it can be used in conjunction with LED uplights.

LED uplights can be used to transform standard black event drapes to any color, simply by shining the lights onto the drape, either from the downward position or behind the truss, as you can see in these pictures, all used with black drapes for events of various themes.

Because LEDs are able to create any color in the visible light spectrum, so the uses are limitless. Imagine changing your event’s color scheme with new every session, or changing the lights when the Q&A session occurs.


Live Event – Drape with Black Velour and Multiple Lighting Setups

LED Uplighting on Drapes

Velour event drapes also can effectively separate the presenter as the event’s focus point. Professional on-stage presenters prefer to stand in front of black drapes, because the dark color will help the presenter to visually stand out from the rest of the stage.

Remember that it takes a lot of light to get a reflection off of a black surface, and that means the event setups you see featured here are only possible because we utilize high power LED lights.

Live Event – Black Velour Drape with Projector Screens and Colorful Uplights

Now that you’ve seen the versatility of velour for live event draping, it’s easy to imagine how your event would utilize these drapes. You can dream up anything in terms of color selection, displays, uplighting, and accenting, and then of course, we’re here to help you turn your dream into a reality.

If you’d like to rent Black Velour Drapes with Uplights for your upcoming live event, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our rental company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we are able to provide out-of-state pipe and drape rentals.


If you’ve ever visited a product convention or trade show, you may have noticed the pipe and drape trade show booths which have been set up in the event space. These trade show booths will be pepped throughout a hotel ballroom, and nearly every vendor will likely personalize their booth once it’s been setup.

Corner Booth Configurations

Pipe and drape is the top choice of vendors who need trade show booths, because its versatility fits the needs of many situations, and trade show booths can be easily arranged to accommodate any space… but what about corner booths?

Corner booths are any booth which have their own dedicated corners, rather than sharing a side-wall with another vendor. Corner booths for trade shows have end-points, or “caped off” walls, which create a unique space that allows a vendor to command their space.


Setting Up a Trade Show Booth with 8 Foot Black Banjo Drape

Another benefit in using pipe and drapes for a corner booth is the convenience of being able to customize them for any position. Just like in the video game Tetris, it’s important to arrange the L-shaped tables to create the most optimal use of space in a trade-show booth.

Corner Pipe and Drape Booths

Event pipe is durable and known for its durability, and the transportable nature of the our Banjo Event drapes helps make the configuration of the space much easier.


Corner Booth at Trade Show with 8-Foot Banjo Drape Walls & 3′ Banjo Drape Dividers

At trade shows and expos, Pipe and Drape booths are used to divide space per an event’s specific requirements. Through strategic use of pipe and drape booths, event organizers can section off any area for any purpose. Having control of a given environment may be important for privacy reasons, or it can be done simply to separate products and vendors.


Trade Show Corner Booth with 8-Foot Black Banjo Drape

When your trade show booth is all set up, you will be able to personalize it however you want. Professional trade show booths are an integral part of increasing a company’s sales, and there are many product-presentation options to choose for your booth, including colorful table cloths, free-standing floor displays, and real-world product demos.

If you’d like to rent pipe and drape corner booths for your upcoming event or trade show, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. We are an event rental company based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we do provide inter-state pipe and drape rentals.

Trade Show Booth Design with Table

When it comes to booths for trade shows, there are virtually limitless options for configuration. This article will outline the process of selecting your trade show booth type, and we will offer insight on the numerous options available in order to help you choose the best fit for your next show quickly and easily.

Do you have an upcoming event that requires multiple vendor booths? Contact Trade Show Drapes today for a free quote.


Pipe And Drape Booth Rental

First, let’s review the trade show booth sizes available so you can better visualize your layout. The standard size for a trade show booth pipe and drape system is 8’ x 8’, and more booths can be connected to each other in order to better fill your event space.


8×8 Pipe and Drape Booth for Event or Tradeshow

Standard Trade Show Booth Tables are sized to match the Banjo drape height, which is 8-feet. Thus, an 8 foot trade show table will measure 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall, which provides sufficient space for employees, guests, etc. And if you were to combine two 8′ table booths then then it allows you twice as much room, and so forth.

Drape Walls For Booths

Next is the actual layout of your trade show booths, and there are two drape-wall layouts available: Choose an 8’ drape as a hard separation wall, or choose 3′ Banjo drape to create soft dividers between booths.

8-Foot Banjo Drape walls are often used to ensure privacy of vendors and customers, and they can be an effective way to establish a boundary for the booth next to you.

3-Foot Banjo Drape is useful for connecting multiple sections of 8-foot long trade show booth, and it can help attendees to visit more booths in a given event.


Pipe and Drape Booth with 3-Foot High Banjo Drape Divider

It’s important to plan your booth layouts before you arrive at a given event space. This allows you to then personalize the booths however you want, and you can precisely lay out any promotion materials, posters, logos, brochures, and other items that potential customers may find beneficial.

If you’d like to rent pipe and drape booths for your upcoming event, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our business is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and we can provide out-of-state pipe and drape rentals.

Do you have an upcoming event that requires multiple vendor booths? Contact Trade Show Drapes today for a free quote.


When it comes to pipe and drape for trade show booths, there are plenty of options setting up a space. The key to a quick and efficient trade show booth set up is to use Banjo drape.

Banjo drape is a type of light weight, semi-opaque black drape and it’s versatility allows it to provide many functions at a trade show or expo space. Banjo drape is made of Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) material, and that is why most convention centers prefer or require Banjo Drape to be used within their spaces.

Banjo Drape Booths

The examples shown in these photos will demonstrate the variety of practical uses for Black Banjo Drape at your trade show or exposition space.


Row of Trade Show Booths with 3-Foot Banjo Drape Dividers

As you can see in the photo above, multiple-sections of 8 foot banjo drape have been used to separate the left side of the table. The remainder of the trade show table rows are divided by 3′ waist-high banjo drape.

Banjo Drape Booth Rows

In the following photo, you can see a similar set up, with several 8’ banjo drape walls, and 3′ banjo drape dividers between them, plus a graphic wall at the end-cap which allows the speaker to present from there.


Row of Trade Show Booths with 8-Foot Banjo Drape Backgrounds

With these and other trade show booth options, you can start to understand ways to incorporate Banjo Drape’s versatility into your own event or show. If you’d like to rent a similar set up of banjo-drape booths for your upcoming event or trade show, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Trade Show Drapes is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we do accommodate inter-state event pipe and drape rentals.


Regardless of your live event’s content, you’ll likely have a pre-existing color scheme in mind for your stage. Proper stage lighting can keep your audience’s attention focused where you want it, and by using our black event drapes and LED uplighting, your on-stage colors can perfectly match your brand’s color scheme. 

Event Stage with Black Drapes and Green LED Uplighting

When color LED uplights are shined onto our black event drapes, the drapes take on the color of the uplights. An event stage outfitted with black event drapes and LED lights is able to display whatever color(s) you want, and the colors can be changed in an instant with the push of a button.

Black Drape + Color Uplights

In these pictures, you can see how uplighting effects work. Nearly each of these event stages has been configured identically, featuring black event drape uplit by colored LED lights. By varying the position of the lights on the drape, as well as the individual colors of the lights, each event stage can look completely different from any other stage. 

Presentation Stage with Black Velour Pipe and Drapes, plus Gold LED Uplighting

Using LED uplights to add a color to an event stage can be more cost effective than printing out physical posters, flyers, etc. By using lights and drapes to achieve your branding effect, you will save money which can be reinvested into different aspects of your event.

Color Uplights On Stage

However you choose to utilized your event drapes, it’s a good idea to make strategic use of color uplights to quickly enhance your live event’s theme. And since stage lighting also separates the speaker or presenter from the backdrop, you’ll be helping your audience to focus on the content of your event.

Live Panel Event Stage – Black Pipe and Drape with Blue LED Uplighting

If you’d like to rent this Black Velour Drape with Colorful LED Uplighting for your upcoming event, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Trade Show Drapes is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and we do accommodate out-of-state event pipe and drape rentals.


When it comes to planning a trade show or exposition floor booth layout, each venue has its own requirements in order to make sure everything functions properly. At some point in the process of planning your event, you will probably need to choose your trade show curtains, and we’re here to make that process simple.

Renting curtains for your event is easiest when you have visual aides, so we’ve prepared some photos which depicts configurations of table rows at a trade show. Drape rows like those seen in the photos can be used to section off certain areas of a room, to create the appearance of more space, or to create privacy for your event guests.

Banjo Drape Rows

The drapes shown in these photos called Banjo Drape, which is a light-weight and fire-resistant event drape material this is frequently used for trade shows and expos. The black color of banjo drape makes it easy to create a huge separation “wall” that is, in reality, only a thin divider of fabric. The divider walls shown in these photos are are actually several 8-foot panels of banjo drapes.

In addition to providing privacy and safety to your guests, black banjo drapes also offer tremendous versatility in regards to its configuration. For events and trade shows, a long row is a great way to maintain the room’s sense of style, while still directing guests to a focal point, like a stage. Additionally, by arranging tables in long rows with a few banjo drape walls, you’ll create a comfortable, open space for attendees.  

Drape Rows for Trade Shows

The black curtain dividers for trade shows that we use are totally customizable to your specific room setup, so you can arrange them in rows, or you can turn a few on their side in order to section off certain areas. Trade show booth options are virtually limitless and there are many ways that vendors can decorate their booth.


Trade Show with Black Banjo Drape set up in several rows, with tables and chairs

Rows of drapes work well for events where lots of guests are browsing many vendors. Drape rows can also be utilized in smaller settings too, and tables can be placed strategically so that they take up more space within the smaller room.

If you’d like to rent a similar set up of trade-show drape rows for your upcoming event, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. We are based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and we are able to accommodate out-of-state pipe and drape event rentals.