Live Event – Black Velour Drapes with Uplights


Velour is the most-used fabric for on-stage performers and live presenters. Black drape is frequently used to help boost the impact of their presentations, lectures, conventions, or entertainment. Black Velour event drapes feature a luxury look, they can be used in numerous ways, and they can be combined with LED uprights for additional lighting effects.

Live events require a professional setup in order to capture the attention of those in attendance. An event can be perceived as “unprofessional” if there are a lot of bare walls and empty space, and black drapes can alleviate that issue.

Black Drapes with Uplights

Black event drapes have a luxurious look, but they also have the technical flexibility to adapt to your event’s specific needs. An additional benefit to choosing velour drapes for your event is that it can be used in conjunction with LED uplights.

LED uplights can be used to transform standard black event drapes to any color, simply by shining the lights onto the drape, either from the downward position or behind the truss, as you can see in these pictures, all used with black drapes for events of various themes.

Because LEDs are able to create any color in the visible light spectrum, so the uses are limitless. Imagine changing your event’s color scheme with new every session, or changing the lights when the Q&A session occurs.


Live Event – Drape with Black Velour and Multiple Lighting Setups

LED Uplighting on Drapes

Velour event drapes also can effectively separate the presenter as the event’s focus point. Professional on-stage presenters prefer to stand in front of black drapes, because the dark color will help the presenter to visually stand out from the rest of the stage.

Remember that it takes a lot of light to get a reflection off of a black surface, and that means the event setups you see featured here are only possible because we utilize high power LED lights.

Live Event – Black Velour Drape with Projector Screens and Colorful Uplights

Now that you’ve seen the versatility of velour for live event draping, it’s easy to imagine how your event would utilize these drapes. You can dream up anything in terms of color selection, displays, uplighting, and accenting, and then of course, we’re here to help you turn your dream into a reality.

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