Pipe and Drape Rental – Photo Gallery

Trade Show Drapes specializes in setting up pipe and drape for Arizona live events and trade shows. Take a look at some recent projects from the Scottsdale area, so you can find event drape inspiration for your own upcoming event. Click here when you’re ready to connect with us, and we’ll help you determine your event drape needs.

White Pipe and Drape Wedding --- Hotel Ballroom Interior

Pipe and Drape Wedding Solutions

Looking for that 'wow' factor in your wedding decor? Our pipe and drape wedding solutions offer the perfect blend of sophistication and customization. Pipe and Drape Wedding Photo Gallery For a few quick ideas about how white drape…
Trade Show Booths Rentals

Trade Show Booths Rentals in Phoenix

Trade Show Booth rental, offering 8x8 and 12x8 booth sizes. See our recent ballroom setup, featuring multiple trade show booth options.
Trade Show Booth Designs at an Expo

Renting Trade Show Display Booths

Trade Show Drapes offers trade show display booths setup and installation. Discover our versatile 8x8 booth designs for a professional event presentation
Trade Show Booths - Single

Trade Show Booth Rental for Expos

Trade Show Booth rental, offering 8x8 and 12x8 booth sizes. See our recent ballroom setup, featuring multiple trade show booth options.
'Corporate Professional' trade show booth design example

Trade Show Booth Designs

Trade Show Drapes specializes in setting up pipe and drape booths for expos & trade shows. Take a look at four popular trade show booth designs, based on our standard 8 x 8 pipe and drape booths.
Large Event Ballroom - Pipe and Drape

Large Event Pipe and Drape – RAL NAT CON

Creating an Immersive Experience with Black Velour Drapes When the Real Estate Assisted Living National Convention (RAL NAT CON) convened in Phoenix, AZ, their aim was to create an environment that not only facilitated networking among the…
Terror Trader Event in Mesa Arizona

Spooky Event Pipe and Drape

When it comes to creating an immersive experience for horror aficionados, the ambiance is everything. A recent spooky Event Pipe and Drape service we provided was to the "Terror Trader" show in Mesa, Arizona. At Trade Show Drapes,…
Wedding Pipe and Drape

White Pipe and Drape Wedding Events

Wedding planners seek venues with perfect ambiance, and they trust Trade Show Drapes for elegant pipe and drape wedding solutions. If you're planning a wedding, or coordinating one, we recommend our pristine white drapes, which offer a bright…
Pipe and Drape Booths at Expo

Pipe and Drape for Expos

In the bustling world of pipe and drape for expos, the stage is set not just by the speakers and products, but by the very fabric that defines the space — the pipe and drape.   At Trade Show Drapes, we're more than a service-provider,…
Drape Setup Before and After

Convention Center – Pipe & Drape Booth Setup

For events at large Convention Center venues, it's likely that there will be vendors who will each get their own booth. Our 8x8 Pipe and Drape Booths and Drape Rows are ideal for convention centers of all sizes, including the Phoenix Convention…

Stage Event – Black Drapes for Event with LED Backlighting

If you have an upcoming stage event, you may be thinking about renting black event drapes for your stage. Our black velour drapes can create a sense of space on stage, while also helping to focus the audience's attention on the presenter. When…

Stage Event – Black Drapes with Colorful LED Uplighting

Black event drapes provide the ultimate in versatility for your event stage because they can change into whatever color you want them to be - and it’s easy, once you have the right tools. When we create an event stage using our Black Velour…
Purple Event Drape-12'-Tall

Live Event – Purple and White Event Drapes

In the event space, why blend-in when you can stand out? With the strategic use of our colorful event drapes, you can take your live event from "standard" to "superb"! Based on the numbers alone, most events do not use purple event drapes.…

Trade Show – Corner Booth Pipe and Drape

If you've ever visited a product convention or trade show, you may have noticed the pipe and drape trade show booths which have been set up in the event space. These trade show booths will be pepped throughout a hotel ballroom, and nearly every…
Trade Show Booth Design with Table

Trade Show – Pipe And Drape Booth Options

When it comes to booths for trade shows, there are virtually limitless options for configuration. This article will outline the process of selecting your trade show booth type, and we will offer insight on the numerous options available in order…

Trade Show Booths with Banjo Drape

When it comes to pipe and drape for trade show booths, there are plenty of options setting up a space. The key to a quick and efficient trade show booth set up is to use Banjo drape. Banjo drape is a type of light weight, semi-opaque black…

Trade Show – Drape Rows for Trade Show

When it comes to planning a trade show or exposition floor booth layout, each venue has its own requirements in order to make sure everything functions properly. At some point in the process of planning your event, you will probably need to…