Stage Event – Black Drapes with Colorful LED Uplighting


Black event drapes provide the ultimate in versatility for your event stage because they can change into whatever color you want them to be – and it’s easy, once you have the right tools.

When we create an event stage using our Black Velour Drapes we also position high-power LED lights underneath each drape panel. By shining LEDs onto the front of the drape panel, we can make the drape material turn any color instantly, which eliminates the need to rent multiple colors of drapes for an event.

Colored Event Drapes

In the picture above, you can see how it works. The “purple” drape in the background is actually black drape with a Purple LED shining up on the drapes. There is also a backlight being used to separate the subjects from the background.

Live Event Drapes with Gold LED Uplighting

While the first picture showed how our event drape lighting can communicate a vibrant, saturated color like purple, this next picture shows that even subtle colors like “Gold” can be rendered warmly and accurately with our LED uplights. The two gold panels in the middle are actually Black velour drape, with high-power LED uplights shining onto them. 

Change Drape Colors Instantly

The primary functions of event drapes is to separate the speaker from their background. Choosing colorful uprights for your event drapes can help to focus attention on the presenter. And since the colors of the drapes are controlled by the colored LEDs shining onto them, that means you can make our black event drapes look like any color you want. 

Live Event Black Velour Drape with Green Uplighting

Black event drapes can also be useful if a given room’s environment is too bright, such as when there are many windows present. When too much light is overtaking your stage area, you can use our Black drapes to block that out. The photo below shows a large wind0w-lit room where black event drape is used to control the exterior light levels.

Live Event in a Bright Room with Blackout Drape and Blue LED Uplights

Whichever color you choose for yours, the combination of black velour and a strategic use of uplighting will make your event a memorable one for all who attend.

If you’d like to rent our Black Velour Drape with Colorful Uplighting for your upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our drape rental company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we specialize in providing pipe and drape rentals for many states.