Trade Show Drapes specializes in setting up pipe and drape booths for expos & trade shows.

Take a look at four popular trade show booth designs, based on our standard 8 x 8 pipe and drape booths.

Creating an Immersive Experience with Black Velour Drapes

When the Real Estate Assisted Living National Convention (RAL NAT CON) convened in Phoenix, AZ, their aim was to create an environment that not only facilitated networking among the state’s top bankers and lenders, but they also wanted attendees to keep focused attention on the speakers and presentations in the main ballroom. This is where the expertise of Trade Show Drapes, in conjunction with Tayside Productions, shines through; we have the logistical ability provide our clients with sophisticated, large event pipe and drape solutions.

Large Event Ballroom - Pipe and Drape

The Art of Focused Attention

In large gatherings like RAL NAT CON, the challenge often lies in drawing and maintaining the audience’s attention where it matters most: the stage. Trade Show Drapes addressed this by implementing luxurious black velour drapes, a classic yet powerful choice to enhance the stage’s presence. Black event drapes are more than mere backdrops; a drape-wall elevates the level of professionalism of any event.

Large Event Ballroom - Pipe and Drape

Black Velour Drapes: A Symphony of Elegance and Functionality

Black velour is renowned for its ability to absorb light, reducing unwanted reflections and creating a stark contrast that naturally guides eyes towards the lit areas. This is crucial in an event setting where distractions are plenty. By strategically positioning high-power LED uplighting, Trade Show Drapes transformed the stage into a “zone of interest,” ensuring that all eyes were on the presenters.

Large Event Ballroom - Pipe and Drape

A Visual Metamorphosis with LED Uplighting

The synergy between the drapes and the lighting is where the magic happens. The uplighting, especially in hues that complement the event’s theme, can dramatically alter the space’s mood and tone. For RAL NAT CON, the choice of blue LED uplights was a deliberate design decision, designed to echo the event’s branding, while also enhancing the visual appeal of the stage setup.

Large Event Ballroom - Pipe and Drape

Conclusion: The Unseen Impact of Trade Show Drapes

As attendees moved between the general session, breakout rooms, and the vendor hall, the cohesive aesthetic established by the pipe and drape configurations subtly influenced their experience. Trade Show Drapes proves to be an indispensable partner for events that aspire to leave a lasting impression.

For a more in-depth look into the transformative power of black velour drapes and LED uplighting, or to start a conversation about how Trade Show Drapes can elevate your next event, visit our website.

When it comes to creating an immersive experience for horror aficionados, the ambiance is everything. A recent spooky Event Pipe and Drape service we provided was to the “Terror Trader” show in Mesa, Arizona. At Trade Show Drapes, we take care of setting up pipe and drape booths for events like Terror Trader, and each vendor is then allowed to customize their own booth.

Terror Trader Event in Mesa Arizona

Stretching Dollars, without Cutting Corners

Working within a budget is a familiar tale for event organizers, and Trade Show Drapes collaborates closely with event planners, like those at “Terror Trader,” to ensure their project’s value is maximized, without sacrificing an ounce of their spooky spectacle. Our expertise in pre-staged booth setups with black drapes and pipe systems eliminate the dread and drama, and our booths are delivered exceptionally and economically.Terror Trader Event in Mesa Arizona

Pipe and Drape Logistics

Trade Show Drapes has done numerous events of attendees exceeding 10,000 or more, so we know how to set up pipe and drape for a large crows. Our experience and expertise means we always deliver pitch-black drapes and properly-secured pipes.

Terror Trader Event in Mesa Arizona

Basic Black Drapes for Events

For Terror Trader, their spooky event is a form of narrative, and the setting is its voice. The black drapes stand silent in the background, yet they speak volumes. For attendees of this spooky event, our drapes represent dark voids between each “vendor realm” booth at the show. Our black pipe and drape makes the perfect backdrop for every ghastly artifact and ghoulish encounter at events like “Terror Trader.”

Terror Trader Event in Mesa Arizona

A Call to the Curators of the Creepy

Are you planning your own event? Do you need the expertise to execute it within a hauntingly strict budget? Trade Show Drapes is here to help make your vision into a reality. Contact us, and together, we’ll craft an event that your attendees will love.

Pipe and Drape Curtains w/ LEDs

At Trade Show Drapes, we believe in the power of transformation. Our pipe and drape curtains are more than just fabric; they’re the canvas for your event’s atmosphere. Trade Show Drapes was on-site to build a “relaxation room” at an Upgrade Labs event in Orlando, 2023, and it serves as a prime example of how the right drapery can create a transformative experience.

For this particular event, our White Chiffon Drape Panels took center stage. Known for their elegant semi-transparency and versatility, these white drapes became the backdrop for the relaxation room. When these white drape panels are bathed in blue LED uplighting, they instantly turn the entire room into a blue-hued wonderland, suitable for attendees to take a 30-minute power-nap in dedicated relaxation chairs.

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

The Art of Illumination

The client’s goal was to immerse attendees in a sea of calming blue as they reclined in relaxation beds, with soft music playing through headphones. The white chiffon drapes, ordinarily semi-transparent, were chosen for their unique ability to reflect the mood of the room, by reflecting any color of light shining onto them. When illuminated by the LED uplights, the drapes create a cohesive blue haven, promoting relaxation and tranquility for event attendees.

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

Crafting the Mood with Pipe and Drape Curtains

Trade Show Drapes specializes in curating such experiences. Pipe and drape curtains are the foundation of our craft, providing not just separation but also an artistic medium. The drapes that we installed for the Upgrade Labs relaxation room didn’t just parcel out a bit of space; our drapes created the space.

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

Why Choose Trade Show Drapes for Your Event?

In Scottsdale, Arizona, and beyond, Trade Show Drapes is dedicated to creating bespoke environments for every occasion. Whether you’re hosting a wellness retreat like Upgrade Labs or a corporate event seeking a specific mood, our pipe and drape curtains are the silent ambassadors of your event’s theme.

The white chiffon drapes we provided for this recent event in Orlando are just one example of how Trade Show Drapes can customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. These curtains are available for various events, and their adaptability to lighting makes them an excellent choice for creating a specific ambiance.

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

Conclusion: Your Vision, Our Fabric

Looking to create an unforgettable event atmosphere? Consider the transformative potential of pipe and drape curtains. Connect with Trade Show Drapes to explore how our range of drapery can elevate your next event. We invite you to contact us for estimates and to discuss how we can support your vision from concept to reality.

In the bustling world of pipe and drape for expos, the stage is set not just by the speakers and products, but by the very fabric that defines the space — the pipe and drape.

Do you have an upcoming event that requires multiple vendor booths? Contact Trade Show Drapes today for a free quote.


At Trade Show Drapes, we’re more than a service-provider, we’re partners in creating an expo space that embodies professionalism, brand identity, and seamless attendee experience.

Pipe and Drape Booths at Expo

Imagine an expo where each booth stands out yet feels part of a grand, cohesive design. This is the environment we cultivated at the RAL NAT CON in Phoenix, AZ. It’s not about the drapes themselves, but what they represent — a canvas for businesses to showcase their potential.

Pipe and Drape Booths at Expo

Designing Events Intelligently

Our choice of materials, colors, and layouts always intentional. We’ll select drapes that speak to the theme of the event, enhance the visual appeal, and offer a practical and elegant solution to pipe and drape booth design, including corner booths for vendors. The black velour drapes used at RAL NAT CON are a prime example — they don’t just divide space; they define it.Pipe and Drape Booths at ExpoYour Expo, Our Expertise

For event organizers, our expo pipe and drape service means one less thing for you to think about. We take care of the specifics, from initial concept to final execution, ensuring every square inch of your expo floor is utilized effectively. Our dedicated team works behind the scenes to translate your vision into reality, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture — your exhibitors and attendees.

In charge of an event with 200+ vendors? Contact Trade Show Drapes today for a free quote for your event’s pipe-and-drape booth setup.

Pipe and Drape Booths at Expo

Trade Show Drape Experience

We understand the power of a well-orchestrated expo and the impact it has on your reputation as an organizer. That’s why we’re committed to providing not just pipe and drape, but a full-fledged service that elevates your event. With Trade Show Drapes, you’re choosing a partner that’s invested in your success.Pipe and Drape Booths at ExpoContact Us Today

For your next expo, consider the value of working with a team that goes beyond the basics. Trust us to create an event space that will not only meet expectations, but exceed them.

Are you looking for pipe-and-drape booth setup? Contact Trade Show Drapes today for a free quote for your event.

For events at large Convention Center venues, it’s likely that there will be vendors who will each get their own booth. Our 10×10 Pipe and Drape Booths and Drape Rows are ideal for convention centers of all sizes, including the Phoenix Convention Center, where Trade Show Drapes recently set up 160 individual pipe and drape booths for a client.

Convention Center Pipe & Drape Rows

Our drape booths provide ample display space for each vendor, including privacy walls on three sides of the 10×10 space. In between each 10×10 pipe and drape booth, we install a 3-foot banjo drape dividers which provide boundaries between vendor booths, while still allowing organic interaction between event guests.

Before-And-After Venue Comparison

The Phoenix Convention Center has a LOT of exhibit space available. In fact, there are exactly 143,300 square feet of exhibit space in their South Hall. For the event you’re seeing in this article, more than 100,000 square feet of event space was occupied by our 10×10 pipe and drape booths.

Our team of event-setup professionals arrive early in the morning, at least one day prior to the event. Trade Show Drapes was on-hand to facilitate the arrangement, set-up, and strike for each of the 160 vendor booths.

The total time to set up the event was about seven hours, and when the event was finished, the strike time was less than three hours.

Click the middle of the photo, then drag left and right to see the comparison between the empty event space and the fully-set-up event space. 

Drape Booths for Large or Small Venues

In the media throughout this article, you can see a large event space being prepared by our Trade Show Drapes team, but are also available to set up pipe and drape booths for smaller events. In fact, if you have an upcoming convention center event in Arizona, we want to be your solution provider!

Click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. We are a full-service drape rental company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we have been providing pipe and drape rentals in the state for many years.


If you have an upcoming stage event, you may be thinking about renting black event drapes for your stage. Our black velour drapes can create a sense of space on stage, while also helping to focus the audience’s attention on the presenter.

When it comes to event drape rental, there is no substitute for the durability, versatility, luxurious effects, or cost efficiency of black Velour drapes.

Black Velour Drapes

Our black velour event drapes will instantly transform your stage from merely ‘functional’, to “attention-capturing”, thanks to our stage lighting techniques. We combine our Black velour event drapes with high-power LED Uplighting to ensure that the on-stage presenter is brought fully to the forefront.

Event Drape Setup with Black Velour Drapes, Projector Screens, and Blue Uplights

The primary function of drapes for events is to create separation, and when that separation is created effectively, the effect is that the audience immediately understands where to direct their attention. By choosing black event drapes with LED uplighting, you can effectively create “zones of interest” on any event stage.

Backlighting Against Black Drapes

Our black Velour event drapes are ideally suited both dynamic on-stage presentations, as well as more subdued ones. Event drapes with Uplights can improve the audience’s perception of all kinds of events, from speaker presentations to live musical performances, and many more.

Speaking Event Stage with Black Drape Panels and LED Backlighting

Backlighting is an additional way to help your subject stand out against black event drapes. Backlights are positioned behind the presenter, and they shine a golden-colored light onto the backside of the on-stage speaker. LED backlights help to provide a strong outline to your on-stage presenter, which in-turn helps your audience follow the presentation.

Blue Uplights on Black Drapes

In the pictures above, you can see that we are using blue LED Uplights on our Black velour event drapes. Colored LED uplighs create a consistent overall tone of this event, and the backlight is being used to separate the speaker from the rest of the stage. By combining our black event drapes and our LED lighting, you can create any mood for the people attending your event.

Live Event Back-of-House Control Room with Owner, Brian Spark.

Now you know how our Black Event Drape can be used to “wow” your audience,  and if you’ve got an upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our drape rental company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we specialize in providing pipe and drape rentals for many states.


Black event drapes provide the ultimate in versatility for your event stage because they can change into whatever color you want them to be – and it’s easy, once you have the right tools.

When we create an event stage using our Black Velour Drapes we also position high-power LED lights underneath each drape panel. By shining LEDs onto the front of the drape panel, we can make the drape material turn any color instantly, which eliminates the need to rent multiple colors of drapes for an event.

Colored Event Drapes

In the picture above, you can see how it works. The “purple” drape in the background is actually black drape with a Purple LED shining up on the drapes. There is also a backlight being used to separate the subjects from the background.

Live Event Drapes with Gold LED Uplighting

While the first picture showed how our event drape lighting can communicate a vibrant, saturated color like purple, this next picture shows that even subtle colors like “Gold” can be rendered warmly and accurately with our LED uplights. The two gold panels in the middle are actually Black velour drape, with high-power LED uplights shining onto them. 

Change Drape Colors Instantly

The primary functions of event drapes is to separate the speaker from their background. Choosing colorful uprights for your event drapes can help to focus attention on the presenter. And since the colors of the drapes are controlled by the colored LEDs shining onto them, that means you can make our black event drapes look like any color you want. 

Live Event Black Velour Drape with Green Uplighting

Black event drapes can also be useful if a given room’s environment is too bright, such as when there are many windows present. When too much light is overtaking your stage area, you can use our Black drapes to block that out. The photo below shows a large wind0w-lit room where black event drape is used to control the exterior light levels.

Live Event in a Bright Room with Blackout Drape and Blue LED Uplights

Whichever color you choose for yours, the combination of black velour and a strategic use of uplighting will make your event a memorable one for all who attend.

If you’d like to rent our Black Velour Drape with Colorful Uplighting for your upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our drape rental company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we specialize in providing pipe and drape rentals for many states.

Purple Event Drape-12'-Tall

In the event space, why blend-in when you can stand out? With the strategic use of our colorful event drapes, you can take your live event from “standard” to “superb”!

Based on the numbers alone, most events do not use purple event drapes. Perhaps those events feel that the color Purple is too dynamic for their audience, or that purple is simply too far from the standard black event drape. Our belief is that choosing Purple Event Drape effectively puts you in your own league altogether.

Purple Event Drapes

Purple in seems to have a unique effect on event attendees, and that makes sense because purple is said to inspire creative thoughts. As you can see in the photo above, a full setup of purple event drapes effectively transforms the stage into an obvious focal point of interest.

Part of the effectiveness of Purple drape is that helps the projection screens to stand out. Since the main purpose of drapes for events is to separate spaces, creating separate zones on stage is important for your audience’s attention 


White Chiffon Drape Panels for Live Events

White Event Drapes

Add White Chiffon drape panels when you want a dramatic, stunning appearance for your event. Adding White Drapes can brighten up any space, while also bringing attention to your area or booth. Very few event drape rental companies offer White Chiffon drape, which means that White Drapes are perceived to be special and unique by attendees.

If you plan to feature a dedicated photo-taking area, choose White Chiffon Drape in order to reflect the most light into the environment. The overall brightness of a white drape wall helps to soften facial features in photos, and these flattering photos will help your attendees to always remember your event.

Standard Black Velour Event Drape Example

Every live event has its own reason for existing, and you are in control of how the event is presented to attendees. With these two colorful event drape options, you can effectively create any feeling you want. If you’d like to rent our colorful Purple Drapes or White Chiffon Drapes for your upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. We are an event pipe and drape service provider based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we can provide pipe and drape rentals for events in many states.


Velour is the most-used fabric for on-stage performers and live presenters. Black drape is frequently used to help boost the impact of their presentations, lectures, conventions, or entertainment. Black Velour event drapes feature a luxury look, they can be used in numerous ways, and they can be combined with LED uprights for additional lighting effects.

Live events require a professional setup in order to capture the attention of those in attendance. An event can be perceived as “unprofessional” if there are a lot of bare walls and empty space, and black drapes can alleviate that issue.

Black Drapes with Uplights

Black event drapes have a luxurious look, but they also have the technical flexibility to adapt to your event’s specific needs. An additional benefit to choosing velour drapes for your event is that it can be used in conjunction with LED uplights.

LED uplights can be used to transform standard black event drapes to any color, simply by shining the lights onto the drape, either from the downward position or behind the truss, as you can see in these pictures, all used with black drapes for events of various themes.

Because LEDs are able to create any color in the visible light spectrum, so the uses are limitless. Imagine changing your event’s color scheme with new every session, or changing the lights when the Q&A session occurs.


Live Event – Drape with Black Velour and Multiple Lighting Setups

LED Uplighting on Drapes

Velour event drapes also can effectively separate the presenter as the event’s focus point. Professional on-stage presenters prefer to stand in front of black drapes, because the dark color will help the presenter to visually stand out from the rest of the stage.

Remember that it takes a lot of light to get a reflection off of a black surface, and that means the event setups you see featured here are only possible because we utilize high power LED lights.

Live Event – Black Velour Drape with Projector Screens and Colorful Uplights

Now that you’ve seen the versatility of velour for live event draping, it’s easy to imagine how your event would utilize these drapes. You can dream up anything in terms of color selection, displays, uplighting, and accenting, and then of course, we’re here to help you turn your dream into a reality.

If you’d like to rent Black Velour Drapes with Uplights for your upcoming live event, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our rental company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we are able to provide out-of-state pipe and drape rentals.