Stage Event – Black Drapes for Event with LED Backlighting


If you have an upcoming stage event, you may be thinking about renting black event drapes for your stage. Our black velour drapes can create a sense of space on stage, while also helping to focus the audience’s attention on the presenter.

When it comes to event drape rental, there is no substitute for the durability, versatility, luxurious effects, or cost efficiency of black Velour drapes.

Black Velour Drapes

Our black velour event drapes will instantly transform your stage from merely ‘functional’, to “attention-capturing”, thanks to our stage lighting techniques. We combine our Black velour event drapes with high-power LED Uplighting to ensure that the on-stage presenter is brought fully to the forefront.

Event Drape Setup with Black Velour Drapes, Projector Screens, and Blue Uplights

The primary function of drapes for events is to create separation, and when that separation is created effectively, the effect is that the audience immediately understands where to direct their attention. By choosing black event drapes with LED uplighting, you can effectively create “zones of interest” on any event stage.

Backlighting Against Black Drapes

Our black Velour event drapes are ideally suited both dynamic on-stage presentations, as well as more subdued ones. Event drapes with Uplights can improve the audience’s perception of all kinds of events, from speaker presentations to live musical performances, and many more.

Speaking Event Stage with Black Drape Panels and LED Backlighting

Backlighting is an additional way to help your subject stand out against black event drapes. Backlights are positioned behind the presenter, and they shine a golden-colored light onto the backside of the on-stage speaker. LED backlights help to provide a strong outline to your on-stage presenter, which in-turn helps your audience follow the presentation.

Blue Uplights on Black Drapes

In the pictures above, you can see that we are using blue LED Uplights on our Black velour event drapes. Colored LED uplighs create a consistent overall tone of this event, and the backlight is being used to separate the speaker from the rest of the stage. By combining our black event drapes and our LED lighting, you can create any mood for the people attending your event.

Live Event Back-of-House Control Room with Owner, Brian Spark.

Now you know how our Black Event Drape can be used to “wow” your audience,  and if you’ve got an upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Our drape rental company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we specialize in providing pipe and drape rentals for many states.