Trade Show – Pipe And Drape Booth Options

Trade Show Booth Design with Table

When it comes to booths for trade shows, there are virtually limitless options for configuration. This article will outline the process of selecting your trade show booth type, and we will offer insight on the numerous options available in order to help you choose the best fit for your next show quickly and easily.

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Pipe And Drape Booth Rental

First, let’s review the trade show booth sizes available so you can better visualize your layout. The standard size for a trade show booth pipe and drape system is 8’ x 8’, and more booths can be connected to each other in order to better fill your event space.


8×8 Pipe and Drape Booth for Event or Tradeshow

Standard Trade Show Booth Tables are sized to match the Banjo drape height, which is 8-feet. Thus, an 8 foot trade show table will measure 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall, which provides sufficient space for employees, guests, etc. And if you were to combine two 8′ table booths then then it allows you twice as much room, and so forth.

Drape Walls For Booths

Next is the actual layout of your trade show booths, and there are two drape-wall layouts available: Choose an 8’ drape as a hard separation wall, or choose 3′ Banjo drape to create soft dividers between booths.

8-Foot Banjo Drape walls are often used to ensure privacy of vendors and customers, and they can be an effective way to establish a boundary for the booth next to you.

3-Foot Banjo Drape is useful for connecting multiple sections of 8-foot long trade show booth, and it can help attendees to visit more booths in a given event.


Pipe and Drape Booth with 3-Foot High Banjo Drape Divider

It’s important to plan your booth layouts before you arrive at a given event space. This allows you to then personalize the booths however you want, and you can precisely lay out any promotion materials, posters, logos, brochures, and other items that potential customers may find beneficial.

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