Trade Show – Corner Booth Pipe and Drape


If you’ve ever visited a product convention or trade show, you may have noticed the pipe and drape trade show booths which have been set up in the event space. These trade show booths will be pepped throughout a hotel ballroom, and nearly every vendor will likely personalize their booth once it’s been setup.

Corner Booth Configurations

Pipe and drape is the top choice of vendors who need trade show booths, because its versatility fits the needs of many situations, and trade show booths can be easily arranged to accommodate any space… but what about corner booths?

Corner booths are any booth which have their own dedicated corners, rather than sharing a side-wall with another vendor. Corner booths for trade shows have end-points, or “caped off” walls, which create a unique space that allows a vendor to command their space.


Setting Up a Trade Show Booth with 8 Foot Black Banjo Drape

Another benefit in using pipe and drapes for a corner booth is the convenience of being able to customize them for any position. Just like in the video game Tetris, it’s important to arrange the L-shaped tables to create the most optimal use of space in a trade-show booth.

Corner Pipe and Drape Booths

Event pipe is durable and known for its durability, and the transportable nature of the our Banjo Event drapes helps make the configuration of the space much easier.


Corner Booth at Trade Show with 8-Foot Banjo Drape Walls & 3′ Banjo Drape Dividers

At trade shows and expos, Pipe and Drape booths are used to divide space per an event’s specific requirements. Through strategic use of pipe and drape booths, event organizers can section off any area for any purpose. Having control of a given environment may be important for privacy reasons, or it can be done simply to separate products and vendors.


Trade Show Corner Booth with 8-Foot Black Banjo Drape

When your trade show booth is all set up, you will be able to personalize it however you want. Professional trade show booths are an integral part of increasing a company’s sales, and there are many product-presentation options to choose for your booth, including colorful table cloths, free-standing floor displays, and real-world product demos.

If you’d like to rent pipe and drape corner booths for your upcoming event or trade show, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. We are an event rental company based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we do provide inter-state pipe and drape rentals.