Trade Show Booths with Banjo Drape


When it comes to pipe and drape for trade show booths, there are plenty of options setting up a space. The key to a quick and efficient trade show booth set up is to use Banjo drape.

Banjo drape is a type of light weight, semi-opaque black drape and it’s versatility allows it to provide many functions at a trade show or expo space. Banjo drape is made of Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) material, and that is why most convention centers prefer or require Banjo Drape to be used within their spaces.

Banjo Drape Booths

The examples shown in these photos will demonstrate the variety of practical uses for Black Banjo Drape at your trade show or exposition space.


Row of Trade Show Booths with 3-Foot Banjo Drape Dividers

As you can see in the photo above, multiple-sections of 8 foot banjo drape have been used to separate the left side of the table. The remainder of the trade show table rows are divided by 3′ waist-high banjo drape.

Banjo Drape Booth Rows

In the following photo, you can see a similar set up, with several 8’ banjo drape walls, and 3′ banjo drape dividers between them, plus a graphic wall at the end-cap which allows the speaker to present from there.


Row of Trade Show Booths with 8-Foot Banjo Drape Backgrounds

With these and other trade show booth options, you can start to understand ways to incorporate Banjo Drape’s versatility into your own event or show. If you’d like to rent a similar set up of banjo-drape booths for your upcoming event or trade show, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Trade Show Drapes is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we do accommodate inter-state event pipe and drape rentals.