Live Event – Black Drape with Color Uplights


Regardless of your live event’s content, you’ll likely have a pre-existing color scheme in mind for your stage. Proper stage lighting can keep your audience’s attention focused where you want it, and by using our black event drapes and LED uplighting, your on-stage colors can perfectly match your brand’s color scheme. 

Event Stage with Black Drapes and Green LED Uplighting

When color LED uplights are shined onto our black event drapes, the drapes take on the color of the uplights. An event stage outfitted with black event drapes and LED lights is able to display whatever color(s) you want, and the colors can be changed in an instant with the push of a button.

Black Drape + Color Uplights

In these pictures, you can see how uplighting effects work. Nearly each of these event stages has been configured identically, featuring black event drape uplit by colored LED lights. By varying the position of the lights on the drape, as well as the individual colors of the lights, each event stage can look completely different from any other stage. 

Presentation Stage with Black Velour Pipe and Drapes, plus Gold LED Uplighting

Using LED uplights to add a color to an event stage can be more cost effective than printing out physical posters, flyers, etc. By using lights and drapes to achieve your branding effect, you will save money which can be reinvested into different aspects of your event.

Color Uplights On Stage

However you choose to utilized your event drapes, it’s a good idea to make strategic use of color uplights to quickly enhance your live event’s theme. And since stage lighting also separates the speaker or presenter from the backdrop, you’ll be helping your audience to focus on the content of your event.

Live Panel Event Stage – Black Pipe and Drape with Blue LED Uplighting

If you’d like to rent this Black Velour Drape with Colorful LED Uplighting for your upcoming event, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. Trade Show Drapes is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and we do accommodate out-of-state event pipe and drape rentals.