Trade Show – Drape Rows for Trade Show


When it comes to planning a trade show or exposition floor booth layout, each venue has its own requirements in order to make sure everything functions properly. At some point in the process of planning your event, you will probably need to choose your trade show curtains, and we’re here to make that process simple.

Renting curtains for your event is easiest when you have visual aides, so we’ve prepared some photos which depicts configurations of table rows at a trade show. Drape rows like those seen in the photos can be used to section off certain areas of a room, to create the appearance of more space, or to create privacy for your event guests.

Banjo Drape Rows

The drapes shown in these photos called Banjo Drape, which is a light-weight and fire-resistant event drape material this is frequently used for trade shows and expos. The black color of banjo drape makes it easy to create a huge separation “wall” that is, in reality, only a thin divider of fabric. The divider walls shown in these photos are are actually several 8-foot panels of banjo drapes.

In addition to providing privacy and safety to your guests, black banjo drapes also offer tremendous versatility in regards to its configuration. For events and trade shows, a long row is a great way to maintain the room’s sense of style, while still directing guests to a focal point, like a stage. Additionally, by arranging tables in long rows with a few banjo drape walls, you’ll create a comfortable, open space for attendees.  

Drape Rows for Trade Shows

The black curtain dividers for trade shows that we use are totally customizable to your specific room setup, so you can arrange them in rows, or you can turn a few on their side in order to section off certain areas. Trade show booth options are virtually limitless and there are many ways that vendors can decorate their booth.


Trade Show with Black Banjo Drape set up in several rows, with tables and chairs

Rows of drapes work well for events where lots of guests are browsing many vendors. Drape rows can also be utilized in smaller settings too, and tables can be placed strategically so that they take up more space within the smaller room.

If you’d like to rent a similar set up of trade-show drape rows for your upcoming event, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. We are based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and we are able to accommodate out-of-state pipe and drape event rentals.