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At Trade Show Drapes, we transform event spaces into professional, branded environments.

Recently, we took care of booth-setup at the Omni Montelucia in Paradise Valley, AZ

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Trade Show Booth Setup – Photos

Pipe-and-drape booths are perfect for vendors to display products, engage with attendees, and create lasting impressions.

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Booths Transform Venues

To illustrate the impact of our work, here are is a before-and-after image comparison of the Omni Montelucia venue.

CLICK and DRAG the “Before-and-After” image below.

We started with an empty – yet elegant – ballroom at the Omni hotel. After our professional installation, the ballroom had been transformed into a dynamic expo environment with clearly defined booths, and each booth was ready for vendors to personalize.

Detailed Booth Installation

Trade Show Drapes can set up your event with as little as 1 weeks’ notice; simply click here to contact us and tell us how many trade show booths you need, and the details of your event.

Our set-up at the Omni hotel included 36 booths total. We set up 31 of our 8×8 size booths, plus 5 larger 12×8 booths, and each booth was equipped with black drapes for a sleek, professional look.

These booths provided ample space for each vendor to bring in their materials and set up their unique displays.

Event booths setup at Omni Montelucia

8×8 Event booths setup at Omni Montelucia

Efficient and Professional Service

We understand the importance of timing and coordination in event planning, so our booth-installation process is always efficient and thorough.

For this event at the Omni, we ensured that all booths were ready 1 full day before the expo started, allowing vendors ample time to prepare their spaces.

Drape booths setup at Omni Montelucia

A line of 8×8 pipe and drape booths at Omni Montelucia

Client Feedback and Event Success

The event was a resounding success, and our client appreciated the professional look of the booths, and the ease with which vendors could set up their spaces.

After the expo concluded, our team returned to dismantle the booths, ensuring the venue was clean and ready for its next event.

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Upright drape booths setup at Omni Montelucia

12×8 large drape booths setup at Omni Montelucia

Why Choose Trade Show Drapes?

Trade Show Drapes is committed to providing top-notch service, and we provide booth setups for any type of event.

Our experience and attention to detail ensure that our trade-show booths will transform your event space into a professional, welcoming environment for vendors & event attendees alike.

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