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At Trade Show Drapes, we turn empty rooms into expositions by installing pipe-and-drape booths.

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Organizing a trade show, event, or expo involves many moving parts, and one of the most crucial elements is the setup of display booths.

Trade Show Drapes specializes in providing high-quality pipe and drape solutions that can transform any venue into a dynamic and professional space.

Convention Hall Awaiting Trade Show Booth Designs

Convention center with pre-installed trade show booths, awaiting the arrival of the booth vendors – Image Credit: Computer-Assisted Image

In this article, we’ll showcase how trade show display booths look, their practical uses, and how you can contact us for your own event’s trade show booth rentals.

See Popular Trade Show Display Booths

Trade show display booths serve as the foundation for vendor interactions, product showcases, and attendee engagement.

Here are some examples from our recent projects that highlight the versatility and effectiveness of our setups:

Row of Trade Show Booths

Trade show booths with 3′ black banjo drape by Trade Show Drapes

In the above photo, you can see multiple sections of 8-foot banjo drape used to create distinct, private areas for each vendor.

The left side of the table is separated by an 8-foot drape, while the remainder of the row is divided by 3-foot waist-high drapes called “banjo drape”.

This arrangement ensures visibility while maintaining a level of privacy for each booth.


A single 8×8 Trade Show Booth with 3′ Banjo Drape walls, set up by Trade Show Drapes

Our single trade show booths, as shown in the image, provide a focused space for vendors to interact with attendees.

The use of black banjo drape offers a professional backdrop that enhances the presentation of products and materials.


Line of trade show booths with 3′ dividers, set up by Trade Show Drapes

Whether it’s a row of booths or individual setups, our pipe and drape systems are designed to be flexible and adaptable to various venue requirements.

This image illustrates how our booths can be arranged to suit different event layouts, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Practical Uses of Black Banjo Drape

Black banjo drape is one of our most popular choices for trade shows and expos. Its practical uses include:

  • Creating Divisions: Perfect for separating booths and creating individual vendor spaces.

An example of a traditional 8×8 trade show booth with 3′ banjo drape side walls.

  • Enhancing Visibility: The neutral black color ensures that the focus remains on the displayed products rather than the background.
Pipe and Drape Booths at Expo

Black drape booths allows the colorful marketing material to stand out

  • Professional Appearance: Provides a sleek, professional look that is adjustable for any event.

Trade show booth rentals with banjo drape 3″ dividers removed, set up by Trade Show Drapes.

Why Choose Trade Show Drapes?

At Trade Show Drapes, we understand the intricacies of setting up trade show booths. Count on Trade Show Drapes to provide the following:

  • Customized Solutions: We cater to both large and small venues, offering 8×8 pipe and drape booths, drape rows ideal for convention centers, and all sorts of event drapes.
Trade Show Booths with Color Accents

An example of a “Hallway Reception” setup in a hotel – Image Credit: Computer-Assisted Image

  • Efficient Setup and Takedown: Our team is experienced in setting up and dismantling booths quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your event schedule.

Over 100 trade show booth rental setups at the Phoenix Convention Center, installed by Trade Show Drapes

  • High-Quality Materials: We use premium materials like black banjo drape, which are durable and visually appealing.
Trade Show Drape Examples

We can set up your trade show booths to be any configuration that works for you.

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Why Choose Trade Show Drapes?

Trade show display booths are essential for creating a professional and engaging environment for your event.


Black event drape created a showcase environment for a yearly convention, set up by Trade Show Drapes

With Trade Show Drapes, you can ensure that your venue looks top-notch and that your vendors have the best possible setup to showcase their products.

Our expertise in the southwestern United States, particularly in Arizona, California, and Nevada, makes us the ideal partner for your trade show needs.

Wedding Pipe and Drape

Event drape with white chiffon provided an indoor wedding venue at a hotel in Arizona, set up by Trade Show Drapes

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