Pipe and Drape Curtains for Relaxation Rooms

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

Pipe and Drape Curtains w/ LEDs

At Trade Show Drapes, we believe in the power of transformation. Our pipe and drape curtains are more than just fabric; they’re the canvas for your event’s atmosphere.


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Trade Show Drapes was on-site to build a “relaxation room” at an Upgrade Labs event in Orlando, 2023, and it serves as a prime example of how the right drapery can create a transformative experience.

For this particular event, our White Chiffon Drape Panels took center stage.

Known for their elegant semi-transparency and versatility, these white drapes became the backdrop for the relaxation room.

When these white drape panels are bathed in blue LED uplighting, they instantly turn the entire room into a blue-hued wonderland, suitable for attendees to take a 30-minute power-nap in dedicated relaxation chairs.

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

The Art of Illumination

The client’s goal was to immerse attendees in a sea of calming blue as they reclined in relaxation beds, with soft music playing through headphones.

The white chiffon drapes, ordinarily semi-transparent, were chosen for their unique ability to reflect the mood of the room, by reflecting any color of light shining onto them.

When illuminated by the LED uplights, the drapes create a cohesive blue haven, promoting relaxation and tranquility for event attendees.

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

Crafting the Mood with Pipe and Drape Curtains

Trade Show Drapes specializes in curating such experiences. Pipe and drape curtains are the foundation of our craft, providing not just separation but also an artistic medium.

The drapes that we installed for the Upgrade Labs relaxation room didn’t just parcel out a bit of space; our drapes created the space.

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtain Walls


Why Choose Trade Show Drapes for Your Event?

In Scottsdale, Arizona, and beyond, Trade Show Drapes is dedicated to creating bespoke environments for every occasion. Whether you’re hosting a wellness retreat like Upgrade Labs or a corporate event seeking a specific mood, our pipe and drape curtains are the silent ambassadors of your event’s theme.

The white chiffon drapes we provided for this recent event in Orlando are just one example of how Trade Show Drapes can customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

These curtains are available for various events, and their adaptability to lighting makes them an excellent choice for creating a specific ambiance.

Blue-Colored Pipe and Drape Curtains

Blue-Colored Drape Walls


Conclusion: Your Vision, Our Fabric

Looking to create an unforgettable event atmosphere? Consider the transformative potential of pipe and drape curtains. Connect with Trade Show Drapes to explore how our range of drapery can elevate your next event


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