Live Event – Purple and White Event Drapes

Purple Event Drape-12'-Tall

In the event space, why blend-in when you can stand out? With the strategic use of our colorful event drapes, you can take your live event from “standard” to “superb”!

Based on the numbers alone, most events do not use purple event drapes. Perhaps those events feel that the color Purple is too dynamic for their audience, or that purple is simply too far from the standard black event drape. Our belief is that choosing Purple Event Drape effectively puts you in your own league altogether.

Purple Event Drapes

Purple in seems to have a unique effect on event attendees, and that makes sense because purple is said to inspire creative thoughts. As you can see in the photo above, a full setup of purple event drapes effectively transforms the stage into an obvious focal point of interest.

Part of the effectiveness of Purple drape is that helps the projection screens to stand out. Since the main purpose of drapes for events is to separate spaces, creating separate zones on stage is important for your audience’s attention 


White Chiffon Drape Panels for Live Events

White Event Drapes

Add White Chiffon drape panels when you want a dramatic, stunning appearance for your event. Adding White Drapes can brighten up any space, while also bringing attention to your area or booth. Very few event drape rental companies offer White Chiffon drape, which means that White Drapes are perceived to be special and unique by attendees.

If you plan to feature a dedicated photo-taking area, choose White Chiffon Drape in order to reflect the most light into the environment. The overall brightness of a white drape wall helps to soften facial features in photos, and these flattering photos will help your attendees to always remember your event.

Standard Black Velour Event Drape Example

Every live event has its own reason for existing, and you are in control of how the event is presented to attendees. With these two colorful event drape options, you can effectively create any feeling you want. If you’d like to rent our colorful Purple Drapes or White Chiffon Drapes for your upcoming live event or speaking tour, click here to contact us for a free pipe and drape estimate. We are an event pipe and drape service provider based in Scottsdale, Arizona and we can provide pipe and drape rentals for events in many states.