Arizona Convention Center List

Discover the premier convention venues across Arizona, sized to accommodate everything from small gatherings to large expos.

This guide ranks the top Arizona convention center venues  by capacity, and by how many 8 x 8 pipe and drape booths each venue could hold, providing a comprehensive overview for event planners and exhibitors alike.

You’ll find your perfect Arizona convention center venue from our list, and then you’ll be ready to fill that venue with pipe and drape booths. Contact the booth pros at Trade Show Booths today.

Top Arizona Convention Center Venues

Ranked by highest capacity

Trade Show Drapes can facilitate set-up of pipe-and-drape booths for all of the venues listed below:

Phoenix Convention Center

Phoenix, AZ (900,000 sq ft)

Capacity: 24,000

The expansive Phoenix Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, is ideal for large-scale national and international conventions.

With its vast space, the Phoenix Convention Center is a venue which can accommodate approximately 2,250 of our 8 x 8 pipe and drape booths, making it perfect for massive trade shows and exhibitions.

Phoenix Convention Center

Phoenix Convention Center

Tucson Convention Center

Tucson, AZ (205,000 sq ft)

Capacity: 8,962

Located in the vibrant heart of downtown Tucson, this convention center serves as a cultural hub and is equipped for large business conferences and exhibitions.

With ample space to accommodate around 510 of our 8 x 8 pipe and drape booths, it’s an excellent choice for sizable events.

Tuscon Convention Center

Tuscon Convention Center

Mesa Convention Center

Mesa, AZ (57,000 sq ft)

Capacity: 5,000

Ideal for regional corporate events and local gatherings, the Mesa Convention Center offers a variety of spaces, including a beautiful outdoor courtyard.

This center can fit around 142 of our 8 x 8 pipe and drape booths, making it a versatile venue for both indoor and outdoor events.

WestWorld of Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ (300,000 sq ft)

Capacity: 3,300

Known for its equestrian events and automotive shows, WestWorld provides ample space with a distinctive Southwestern flair that reflects the unique culture of Scottsdale.

This venue can house approximately 750 of our 8 x 8 pipe and drape booths, providing a distinctive backdrop for any event.

The Scottsdale Conference and Resort

Scottsdale, AZ (200,000 sq ft)

Capacity: 2,000

The Scottsdale Conference and Resort provides an ideal setting for corporate events, weddings, and social gatherings.

The Resort offers state-of-the-art meeting rooms, beautiful outdoor venues with views of Camelback Mountain, exceptional dining options, luxurious accommodations, and spa facilities.

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